Is Sperm Good for Skin? Does it Have Health Benefits

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We’ve used the most bizarre things for our skins but, is sperm good for skin? You’ve heard a lot of women say their partner’s sperm is their holy grail in skincare but how true is this claim?

 Semen may have ingredients that can help the skin, but in concentrations that are too small that they offer very little benefit.

Semen can cause allergic reactions and sexually transmitted infections if it is put on the skin or swallowed (STIs).

Why do people think sperm is good for your skin?

Blame it on hype.

While sperm can be used in medicine, the myth that sperm is good for your skin isn’t true.

Sperm may help with dental health in small ways.

According to Dr. Bush “semen doesn’t just have sperm in it. It also has vitamins like zinc and calcium, which is why some say it can help keep your teeth from decaying.”

Although semen has vitamins that can help keep your teeth healthy, it might not have enough of them to make a big difference.

Many people believe these traces of vitamins, as well as the high protein content in sperm, would offer nutritious benefits to the skin via topical application.

Although the texture of sperm is similar to that of a serum or gel, effectiveness goes deeper than texture.

There are sperm facials and sperm skin treatments that make high claims about the skin benefits of skin but in reality, this ain’t true.

So you see,  there is no scientific proof that sperm can improve the skin.

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Is sperm good for skin? Can it Treat Acne

I bet you’ve heard countless times that sperm can cure acne, it ain’t true dears.

Spermine, an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent found in sperm and in cells all over the body, is thought to help fight blemishes.

Again, there is no evidence to back this up.

If you want to treat acne, try topical treatments for acne or home remedies.

Does it help reverse aging?

Spermine is also to fault for this one. Because of its antioxidant properties, some feel it might help to soften fine wrinkles.

There is a somewhat more scientific relationship here. Spermidine is the source of spermine.

Research says when injected directly into cells can slow down the aging process. However, nothing is known regarding its effects when applied topically.

Use serums rich in vitamin C and retinoids to keep your skin healthy.

Is sperm good for skin since it contains Zinc?

Semen has 3% of your recommended daily zinc intake. But this figure may not be enough for anything.

Zinc has a lot of benefits for your skin. Its anti-inflammatory effects on acne are well-known, as well as its ability to repair cells and boost collagen production.

There are some who think that this can help with the signs of aging but it’s not true.

However, the best results are achieved when zinc is taken by mouth and applied to the skin.

You can take zinc-based supplements, but if you want to get more zinc in your food, you might want to eat more nuts, dairy, and whole grains.

What about the protein content?

Yes, there are about 200 different kinds of protein in semen.

Semen contains more than 200 different proteins.

However, the quantity — which averages 5,040 milligrams per 100 milliliters — is insufficient to bring any difference.

In nutritional terms, such quantity translates to around 5 grams. A female requires 46 grams of protein per day, whereas a guy needs 56 grams.

It will have no effect on your diet and is unlikely to have any effect on your skin.

Peptides are the most common kind of protein found in skincare products.

These amino acids assist to maintain the skin tight and wrinkle-free, however, they are useless unless coupled with additional nutrients.

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Urea content

You already know urea is a waste product.

It usually leaves the body through urine or sweat, but a small amount can also be found in sperm.

People say it’s good for their skin because it hydrates them, exfoliates, and helps other products get into their skin better but beauty brands use synthetic ones.

According to a study in the Journal of Andrology, semen has 45 milligrams of urea in every 100 milliliters of it which are clearly not enough.

Is sperm good for hair?

Spermidine may help people grow hair, according to a study.

There’s also a belief that the protein in semen can make hair strands healthy.

If you guessed that the concentration is too small to make a difference, you guessed right?

What happens if you leave sperm on your skin?

You won’t like what might happen. Human semen can cause everything from a severe allergic reaction to an STI if you put it on your skin.


Semen can pass on infections to another person through the mucous membranes in their lips, noses, and eyes.

You could get STIs like herpes, chlamydia, and gonorrhea.

The eyes are the most vulnerable part of the body. Ocular herpes can cause inflammation and in extreme cases, blindness.

The symptoms of chlamydia conjunctivitis are less severe and include a burning sensation, redness, and discharge.


Using semen on the skin, like any other substance, has the risk of causing skin irritation.

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What is sperm good for?

There could be other benefits of semen.


Some research suggests that semen may help people who are depressed.

In this research, sexually active women who had unprotected intercourse scored lower on a depressing symptom assessment than those who used condoms.

But this was a correlation and was done with a small number of people. This means that more research is needed to back up these findings.

Helps reduce stress

Semen contains oxytocin, a hormone, and neurotransmitter that may help people who have problems with stress.

Anecdotal data shows that ingesting sperm may increase mood owing to oxytocin.

However, sexual activity may boost oxytocin levels. So sex alone may be enough to reduce stress, which means you don’t need to eat semen.


I think you should just enjoy sex with your partner, have fun, explore your bodies, after all, good sex is rejuvenating.

But if you want to treat your skin to some good nourishment, get some good serum. Forget about putting sperm on your skin.

Are we clear on that?

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