How to Numb Skin Naturally

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I’m pretty sure you want to know how to numb skin for good reasons, in this article we’ll tell you both natural and medical ways to numb skin.

Why do people numb their skin?

You could desire to temporarily numb your skin for two reasons: first, 

  • help alleviate discomfort
  • in preparation for future pain

Numbing the skin to alleviate pain

The main reasons you might want to numb your skin temporarily are:


After coming into touch with anything that irritated or triggered an allergic response in your skin, you now have an inflamed condition.


Overexposure to the sun’s UV light causes sunburn.

Damage to the skin

Your skin has been wounded, but not to the point where blood has appeared.

Numbing skin as preparation for future pain

The following are some reasons why you may want your skin temporarily numbed in order to prepare for future pain:

  • Before undergoing skin surface therapy such as dermabrasion, you should undertake medical procedures such as having stitches to seal a wound.
  • Ear piercing, tattooing, and hair removal techniques such as waxing.

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How to numb skin medically

Doctors usually use local anesthetics that have been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to numb and control pain in the local area.

Many of these can also be bought over the counter for home use:

  • lidocaine
  • dibucaine 
  • benzocaine
  • pramoxine
  • tetracaine 

How to numb skin: Skin numbing creams

Numbing creams block sodium channels, preventing the neurons that give feeling to the skin from sending pain signals.

These creams may be used for a variety of reasons, including cosmetic procedures, minor surgery, tattoos, and other occasions when the skin is at risk of discomfort.

How to Use Numbing Creams

When using numbing cream, follow the directions on the prescription label or product insert as well as the guide of your healthcare professional.

When using numbing cream, follow your healthcare provider’s instructions as well as the prescription label or product insert.

Hours before surgical treatment, you may need to apply numbing lotion at home or as your surgeon says.

Other key tips for using numbing cream include:

  • Do not apply the numbing cream to a large area of your skin
  • Avoid applying numbing lotion to skin that is already sensitive (such as the lips).
  • Don’t expose the numbed area to heat
  • A little bit of lotion is all you need to completely numb the skin.
  • Open wounds should not be numbed with numbing cream.
  • When using numbing cream on a youngster, remember that dose is dependent on weight.
  • Never let a youngster apply numbing cream alone.
  • Keep numbing cream away from heat and moisture.

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Side Effects of skin-numbing creams

Depending on the sort of skin-numbing cream you use, you may have a variety of adverse effects.

Here are some of the side effects of skin-numbing creams:

  • Breathing difficulty
  • Dizziness
  • Chest pain
  • Drowsiness
  • Blurred vision

How to numb skin naturally

There are a variety of natural remedies that may successfully numb your skin to ease pain or prepare for discomfort.

Here are 6 home remedies to numb skin.

1. Ice

Minor injuries, sunburn, and other ailments may be relieved with an ice pack or cold compress.

Ice may also be used to numb your skin before a procedure such as ear piercings.

2. Aloe vera gel

Sunburn and other skin ailments may be treated using aloe vera gel.

3. Plantain

A fresh poultice prepared from plantain weed may help to reduce inflammation while also relaxing the skin.

4. Clove oil

As a pain reliever, you can put this on your skin to make it less painful. Early research shows that it can work on the skin like benzocaine.

5. Patting

Patting your skin quickly a few times can make it numb for a short time.

6. Chamomile

A 2010 study found that chamomile essential oils can penetrate below the surface of your skin and work as a topical anti-inflammatory agent.

How to numb skin for waxing

While we all desire smooth, stubble-free legs for the summer months, the discomfort involved with waxing stops many people from taking advantage of this procedure.

Waxing can be painful but prepping your skin ahead of it can help alleviate the pain.

Apply something to numb the skin before waxing.

Take an aspirin or ibuprofen 30 – 45 minutes before your waxing appointment.

This is particularly useful while having waxed above the lip, chest, bikini, and genital regions, which are the most painful.

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How to Numb Skin before Injection

Do you find yourself dreading the prospect of visiting a medical facility?

Of course, every time you go, you get the one nurse who needs to needle you at least three times before placing the IV safely, and the agony is nearly excruciating.

The good news is, hospitals have gradually implemented pain management standards that include decreasing discomfort during IV starts.

What choices are available to remedy this issue? When you next see your doctor, ask about their process for numbing the skin before injection.

Numbing Cream for IV insertion

There are two forms of numbing cream for IV insertion (EMLA and L.M.X.4) that are often used in children’s hospitals.

To create a numbing effect, both creams are applied to the skin and kept puddled on top of the skin for extended periods of time.

L.M.X.4 cream is applied to the skin prior to IV insertion; it begins to function in approximately 30 minutes and has a 60-minute anesthetic effect.

Prior to IV insertion, EMLA cream is also administered to the skin and starts numbing the region within 15 minutes.

It takes at least 60 minutes after application to give patients adequate pain relief.

Numbing Spray for IV Starts

In hospitals, numbing spray for IV starts is also utilized to give an immediate anesthetic effect.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the commonly asked questions on how to numb skin and the answers you’ll love.

How do you numb your skin before a needle?

Lidocaine cream is most effective when used 30 to 60 minutes before the therapy or operation.

  • Apply the lidocaine cream on the skin,
  • Leave the bandage until when injection starts
  • Let the cream sit for 30 to 60 minutes.

What can I use to numb my skin before a tattoo?

In order to get through your tattoo session painlessly, consider using Emla numbing lotion.

Emla may also be used to numb the skin before laser tattoo removal.

Does alcohol numb your skin?

It impairs impulse control and memory formation, resulting in “blackouts.”

Numbness, weakness, and transient paralysis may all be caused by alcohol.

How long does lidocaine last?

It may last anywhere from 30 minutes to three hours.

Other circumstances, though, may influence how long the drug’s effects persist. 

While its effects generally last 30 to 60 minutes, when combined with epinephrine, they may last considerably longer.

Does lidocaine make you loopy?

Lidocaine is a kind of anesthetic that is only used locally.

It alleviates pain by inhibiting impulses at epidermal nerve terminals.

When used for surgery, this medication does not render the patient unconscious, as do general anesthetics.

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Maybe you are feeling pain temporarily or you are preparing for future pain, either way, it’s a great choice to numb your skin.

This will limit the pain you’ll feel. You could try out the home remedies we’ve listed or consult a doctor for prescribed numbing cream.

If you have questions about this article? Kindly drop it in the comment box below, we will be happy to help you.

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