How to Get White Skin Naturally: 11 Home Remedies

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Looking for how to get white skin? That’s exactly what we’re giving you in this article.

It’s true that not everyone has fair, clear skin.

While our skin naturally makes melanin that gives it its color, it is the heat, pollution, and bacteria outside our bodies that contribute to increased melanin, which makes our skin darker.

There is no shortage of skin-lightening creams and lotions on the market, and many ladies want a fair and beautiful complexion.

You’ll learn how to lighten your skin tone naturally and get a perfect complexion in this article.

However, you should be aware that you cannot move from being dark-skinned to be fair, it is shown in advertisements for fairness creams. It’s not true.

It is difficult to alter the quantity of melanin that is naturally present in the skin.

Although it’s possible to remove tan and pigmentation produced by excessive sun exposure and other reasons, such as stress and overuse of cosmetics, we’ll show you how.

Can a dark skin tone ever become fair?

Dermatologists and plastic surgeons all around the globe caution against falling for any procedures that promise a dramatic improvement in skin tone.

That is medically impossible to accomplish.

Several skin issues influence skin tone and texture, and when these concerns are treated by a competent dermatologist, the skin is regenerated, producing an overall enhanced look and an even tone.

How to get white skin: Side effects of instant fairness solutions

You might have come across advertisements of cream promising instant fairness, here are the side effects.

  • Skin Thinning
  • Severe acne
  • Hypersensitivity to sunlight
  • Unwanted facial hair
  • Skin sensitivity
  • discoloration
  • visible capillaries

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How to get white skin naturally: 10 home remedies for white skin

I’ll show you natural and effective ways on how to get white skin.

1. Lemon

Lemon is one of the most effective skin-lightening natural ingredients.

It aids in the reduction of dark spots and blemishes on the skin.


  • Simply chop lemon in half and apply one-half of it into your skin
  • Allow 10 minutes to pass before rinsing with cold water.

However, avoid going out in the sun just after applying lemon to your skin.

The finest natural cure for skin whitening is lemon. It aids in the reduction of imperfections and dark spots.

2. Potato juice

Potato juice has the ability to brighten your skin without harming it.

They are high in Vitamin C and antioxidants, work as a light bleaching agent while also removing dead skin cells from the skin.


  • Peel and chop one potato into tiny pieces.
  • Rub the potato pieces on the regions you wish to lighten, allowing the liquid to spread over the skin
  • Leave it on for 20 minutes before washing with warm water
  • As an alternative, you may blend a potato, squeeze off the juice, and apply it to the afflicted region using a cotton pad.

3. Turmeric

To make your skin glow, you may use this simple ingredient that you probably already have in your home.


  • Mix one teaspoon of turmeric powder with three tablespoons of lime juice and then apply it to your skin as directed.
  • After 15 minutes, remove the mask with warm water and soap.

Also, your skin may become yellow after this treatment, so be cautious while applying it.

4. Yogurt

Yogurt is one of the finest substances for whitening your skin, in addition to producing delectable sweets and smoothies.

Lavender-rich yogurt improves skin tone and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and dark spots on the face.

The Vitamin B complex found in yogurt is also responsible for the brightening and radiance of the skin.


  • Combine two tablespoons of plain yogurt and one teaspoon of honey in a mixing bowl.
  • Mix the ingredients well to get a smooth paste.
  • Apply the mixture to your face and let it on for about 15 minutes.
  • Gently wash your face with cold water.

5. Chandan (sandalwood) powder

Sandalwood has long been used as a skin-lightening treatment.

This ingredient’s healing and nourishing capabilities make it an excellent skin-lightening ingredient.

It’s capable of doing anything from minimizing early symptoms of aging and blemishes to treating rashes and lowering tan.


  • Combine one tablespoon each of sandalwood powder and almond powder.
  • Stir in some milk to make a smooth paste.
  • Apply the solution to clean skin and let it on for 20 minutes.
  • Rinse well with lukewarm water. If any part of your skin feels dry after washing, moisturise well.

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6. Carrot + Avocado

Carrots are full of beta-carotene, which is good for your skin.

Skin looks and feels better thanks to its antioxidative properties.

When you eat avocado, the vitamins in it help you get rid of dead cells, fight acne, unclog pores, and improve the health of your skin.

They can do wonders for your skin when they are mixed together.

Pamper your skin once a week with this healthy skin whitening home remedy to get the best results.


  • Boil one medium-sized carrot, then mash it with the pulp of one avocado after it has cooled.
  • To the mixture, add one tablespoon heavy cream, one egg, and one tablespoon honey.
  • Mix the ingredients together to make a thick, smooth paste.
  • Apply the pack evenly to your face and neck.
  • Allow the solution to rest on your face for 15 minutes before washing with cold water.

7. Egg face mask

Eggs have amazing skin repairing properties owing to their high protein level.


Beat an egg until it is frothy, then use a brush to apply it to your face.

Wait until it dries fully before rinsing with cold water.

If you can’t stand the intense scent of the eggs, you may add a little lemon juice or lavender to mask the fragrance.

8. Papaya mask

The papaya mask will exfoliate your skin while also nourishing it with vitamin C.


  • Peel and slice the papaya, then combine it into a smooth paste to produce a papaya mask
  • Apply it to your skin and let it sit for 20 minutes. After rinsing with warm water, pat dry.

 9. Fuller’s Earth

Fuller’s Earth, also known as Multani mitti, is a wonderful natural substance that may be applied to your skin to get beautiful and fair skin.

Using a Multani mitti on acne-prone skin will leave your skin feeling amazing since the pack absorbs oils.

It contains minerals such as lime, alumina, and iron oxides, which assist to give you a fair complexion and healthy glowing skin naturally.

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10. Gram Flour mask

Applying a gram flour pack to your skin will serve as an excellent exfoliator.

It will gently exfoliate your skin without irritating it, remove dead skin cells, and make your skin seem younger.


To produce a gram flour pack, combine two teaspoons of gram flour with two tablespoons of water to form a homogeneous paste.

  • Apply it to your face and let it fully dry
  • Then, with warm water, cleanse your skin.

11. Charcoal mask 

Charcoal is a natural detoxifying agent that is very effective in removing stubborn blackheads and whiteheads.

So, if those pesky blackheads are bothering you, this DIY mask will help you get rid of them for good.

This mask is great for oily skin because fuller’s earth, also known as Multani mitti, absorbs excess oil while charcoal detoxifies, leaving your face feeling rejuvenated, clean, and silky smooth.


  • Activated charcoal
  • Fuller’s earth
  • Rosewater


In a mixing dish, combine two teaspoons of activated charcoal and two tablespoons of fuller’s earth (Multani mitti).

 add rosewater as needed.

Apply this mask on your nose, chin, and any other places where blackheads and whiteheads may be found.

Allow it to sit for 15 to 20 minutes before peeling it off.

Rinse and moisturize your face.

Use this mask once a week to keep your skin clear and smooth.

How to get white skin: Safe skin lightening solutions

Your dermatologist may recommend the following treatments to get white skin.

1. Microdermabrasion

Aluminum oxide crystals or diamond-tipped abrasive tools will be used to remove all the dead skin cells during the procedure, leaving you with a clear and brighter complexion.

2. Chemical peels

In this procedure, an alpha or beta hydroxy acid peeling solution is applied to the skin.

Exfoliation and rejuvenation are achieved by using a chemical peel to remove the top layer of dead skin cells.

It helps to erase blemishes, minor wrinkles, and pigmentation from the skin.

3. Laser toning

It employs the most advanced laser technology to lighten the skin’s deeper pigmentation while preserving a young appearance.

Q-switched Nd:YAG laser beams are used to break down the extra melanin in your skin, which the immune cells then eliminate.

How to get white skin: Beauty tips for healthy skin

Here are beauty tips for beautiful skin.

1. Use sunscreen

While you leave the house, you should shield your skin from the sun’s damaging rays, and you should do so even when you’re inside since the rays may permeate glass.

To protect your skin from heat and pollution, use sunscreen lotion or spray liberally all over your body.

You could wear a hat and sunglasses for better protection.

2. Cleansing 

A facial cleanser can be used to get rid of dirt, dust, and make-up from your face.

This procedure should be repeated twice a day, in the morning and in the evening.

3. Moisturize

You should hydrate your skin twice a day with a regular moisturizer or face oil.

Moisturizing your skin can help you get rid of dry, flaky skin and make it seem more beautiful.

The hydration will immediately improve the appearance of your skin.

4. Exfoliate

Deep clean the pores by using a mild scrub once or twice a week.

5. Eat balanced diet

The greatest technique to get naturally glowing skin is to eat a well-balanced diet.

Try to eat a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, seafood, and whole-grain products. To retain a glowing complexion, avoid alcohol and food items that are deep-fried or heavy in sugar.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I know you still have questions, here are the answers to questions people often ask on how to get white skin.

How do celebrities get fair skin?

Skin melanin treatment surgery is one of the most common ways for celebrities to permanently lighten their skin.

Those who used this procedure often saw a noticeable difference between before and after.

Within a short period of time, you may immediately see changes in their complexion.

Can milk whiten skin?

You may use milk to lighten your skin and remove the buildup of dead skin cells on your face since it includes lactic acid.

Sunburns may be soothed by using this product since it includes a protein that reduces pigmentation and wards off the feeling of burning.

Does Rice whiten skin?

Rice water has been hailed as a skin-lightening miracle by some.

Some of its ingredients have been shown to lighten pigment, however, there is no proof to support this claim.

Does water make skin fair?

Is it possible that drinking water might make your skin seem more even-toned?

Drinking water is the best thing you can do for your skin’s health and appearance. In general, people who drink a lot of water have fair and smooth skin.

Drinking a lot of water will also improve the skin’s radiance and suppleness.

How can I get white skin in 3 days?

  1. Use a gentle cleanser to wash your face.
  2. Leave the Turmeric Mask or Licorice Powder-Tomato Paste on for 20 to 30 minutes.
  3. With warm water, remove the mask and massage your skin dry.
  4. As you did on day one, apply the Lemon Juice Toner and let it on your skin for 20 to 30 minutes.


Technically, your skin can’t be white, but it can be soft blemish-free, and healthy. That’s exactly what these home remedies are offering and we’ve brought them to you.

Now you’ll get the skin of your dreams.

If you have questions about this article? Kindly drop it in the comment box below, we will be happy to help you.

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