How to Curl Hair With a Wand in 4 Steps

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I’ll show you how to curl hair with a wand and get those magical curls, but without the magic.

There’s nothing better than glowing, bouncy voluminous hair, everyone wants that.

Who cares if you weren’t born with them? I know a really cool way you could get those curls that will totally flatter your look. Read on to find out.

But Before You Curl Your Hair

Don’t rush the process dears, there are a few things you must know about curling, you know your hair is delicate.

1. Protect your hair

“Apply a heat-protectant product to your hair, dry it completely, and brush through it to detangle and align strands,” says chemist Shirley James.

This is so you don’t damage your hair with all that heat you’ll be exposing it to.

Use hairspray too. If you use hairspray only after you’ve finished curling your hair, it’s more likely that your hair will fall flat.

If you use hairspray only after you’ve finished curling your hair, it’s more likely that your hair will fall flat.

“Spray your hair with a light- to firm-hold hairspray to prep it especially if your hair is curl-resistant,” Stone says.

But make sure you’re misting your hair rather than wetting it.

When you use too much, you’ll get the burned hair smell that nobody likes.

Don’t use hair oil since it might cause your waves to get weighed down.

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2. Blow-dry your hair

You shouldn’t curl damp hair. I know a good blow-dry takes time, but you’ll get salon-standard curls if you do it that way.

3. Get a wand

You need a curling wand. You could try an interchangeable wand, it’s fun to use and allows you to be creative.

Larger barrels make curls that are more spread out, while smaller barrels make them tighter. 

For more loose curls and waves, use barrels that are 1.5-2 inches long. Whatever kind of curls you want, there’s a wand out there to suit your need. Go get ’em.

4. What should the wand be made of?

There are iron, ceramic, and titanium curls but “I love titanium and feel it is suitable for all hair types and textures.

Plus, it has equal heat distribution, resulting in consistent curls, and it generates negative ions, which minimize frizz and seals in the cuticle on the hair, resulting in shinier, prettier curls that stay longer,” says Clara, a hairstylist.

5. Choose the right temperature

You should set the temperature depending on your hair type to avoid damaging your hair.

It’s better for your hair if you can leave it on a warmer barrel rather than putting it on the hottest setting and rushing through it.

  • 400°F to 420°F for thick hair
  • 180°F to 370°F for fine or damaged hair
  • 375°F to 395°F for healthy hair

How to curl hair with a wand in 4 easy steps

We’ve said enough already, let’s talk about the real thing.

Here’s how to curl hair with a wand.

1. Section out your hair

Take a part of your hair. This part should not be too big, or your curls won’t be consistent.

But you should know that the bigger the barrel, the bigger the waves.

Do not use a smaller barrel and take bigger sections because you’ll get a bunch of different curls that won’t stay put all day.

You don’t want that.

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2. Wrap the hair around the wand

Hold the hair for 3 to 4 seconds before letting it fall out of the barrel of the curler.

In order to get tight curls, you need to let the curl cool down in your hand first.

For more loose curls, let the curl fall right away. Repeat the same for other sections of the hair till you’re done curling.

3. Brush your hair

I know, “why would I want to brush off the curls I just did?” I’ll tell you why you should.

When you brush your hair after curling, it gives you that type of look you see on the red carpet, I’m talking about glam!

But don’t brush right after you curl, the curls should cool down before you brush them.

4. Set with hairspray

Hairsprays have come a long way don’t you think? Yes, the formulas we have at the mall now won’t mess your hair.

To keep your hair in place after you curl it and brush it, spritz some hairspray on your hair. You’ll get soft, bouncy, voluminous hair, I promise.

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How to curl hair with a wand-FAQs

There are lots of ways to get curls and lots of questions too.

Here are the answers you’ve been looking for on curling hair with a wand.

Is a curling wand or iron better?

For people who want more freedom when styling their hair, curling wands are perfect.

“If you want your hair to look more like it does in the movies and last longer, a curling iron is a way to go,” says Clara.

This is because curling irons allow more even heat distribution.

Can I turn my curling iron into a wand?

If you have a curling iron, you can use it as a wand to curl your hair.

Wrap sections of hair around the iron over the clamp instead of inside of it.

This way you’ll get straighter ends.

Wrap your hair away from your face and hold the iron at a 45-degree angle while you are styling especially in the front of your hair.

Can you take the clamp off of a curling iron?

Yes, you can remove the clamp. Here’s how.

  1. Remove the side screws that secure the top clamp.Underneath the clamp is a spring that is kept in place by a screw and a little metal plate.
  2. Loosen the screw that keeps the metal plate and spring in place until you can easily take the spring out from underneath it.

Should you curl your hair away from your face or towards it?

“You should curl away from your face toward the hairline,” says Clara. You wouldn’t want curls covering your face

When you curl away from your face, the curls will really bring out your face.

Is it best to curl freshly washed hair?

Curl your hair on the second or third day after you shampoo. This will give you even better curls.

Final thoughts

There are lots of ways you can curl your hair but if you’re interested in curling it with a wand then you should do it correctly with the steps we’ve given you.

Go get those bouncy lively curls!

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